On the road to success

The seminar was held for Iranian students at Aydin University to benefit from the experiences of successful people at the university and domestic and foreign guests such as the Special Representative of the World Inventions from Switzerland to motivate 300 students.

Festival of ideas, innovations and handicrafts of school students

The first festival of ideas and inventions of Iranian students abroad, which was held in the presence of Mr. Naderloo, director of schools abroad in Central Asia and the Middle East. The festival was held at the Fajr School in Istanbul with the participation of 400 people.

The first international competition of inventions in Turkey

The first invention competition in Turkey, which was held at Aydin University with 3,000 participants. In these competitions, teams from 13 different faculties in the university competed with other teams and also judged by the head of the departments.

Workshop for gifted children in Turkey

The workshop was attended by gifted children from all over Turkey to receive higher education in accordance with university principles on inventions and innovation.
It should be noted that the number of guests was over 500.

From idea to invention, from invention to commercialization

This seminar has been held for international students with all the specialized solutions from the beginning of the idea to the production of the product and even commercialization in a completely specialized way and with live examples.